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Episode Titleyyyy-mm-dd
s2e1New Earth2006-04-15more info
s2e2Tooth And Claw2006-04-22more info
s2e3School Reunion2006-04-29more info
s2e4The Girl In The Fireplace2006-05-06more info
s2e5Rise Of The Cybermen (1)2006-05-13more info
s2e6The Age Of Steel (2)2006-05-20more info
s2e7The Idiot's Lantern2006-05-27more info
s2e8The Impossible Planet (1)2006-06-03more info
s2e9The Satan Pit (2)2006-06-10more info
s2e10Love & Monsters2006-06-17more info
s2e11Fear Her2006-06-24more info
s2e12Army Of Ghosts (1)2006-07-01more info
s2e13Doomsday (2)2006-07-08more info
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