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Season 2 > Episode 6 > The Age Of Steel (2)

Title: The Age Of Steel (2)
Position: Season 2 Episode 6
Air Date: 2006-05-20
Views: 10.741 times
Comments: 1
The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Mickeya 's alternate Ricky, and Rosea 's alternate father, are cornered by the now activated Cybermen, but are able to escape their impending deletion when the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to a deadly effect. The Doctor and team then join up with a resistance group they have met up with, that has been fighting this evil plan for awhile. It also appears that Mickeya 's alternate reality double, Ricky, is the fearless leader of the group. The Doctor convinces them that the best plan is to divide the group up into three parts, and attack in three places, the location that the soon to be a upgradeda London population is being lead to, via their cybernetic ear pieces everyone has been wearing for news and entertainment purposes for years. Can the Doctor solve the answer on how to stop the Cybermen? Can Rose help her alternate father save her alternate mother, neither of which know who she is, from the Cybermen? And can the meekish Mickey find the courage to help in defeating this terrible enemy force along side his fearless alternate, Ricky?
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